POCO beats OnePlus to become #6 Android smartphone brand in India

Bhubaneswar : POCO India, renowned for its exponential growth in the smartphone industry, has once again achieved a remarkable feat. Through its unwavering commitment to innovation, POCO has surpassed OnePlus by experiencing an extraordinary year-on-year growth of 72.2% in Q1 2024.

The latest IDC report highlights POCO’s impressive growth trajectory during Q1 2024 with a 5.9% market share, positioning it ahead of OnePlus in terms of smartphone shipments. This success is a testament to POCO’s effective strategy of targeting the Gen Z demographic, offering a diverse portfolio of high-performance smartphones, and enhancing the overall consumer experience through robust after-sales service and support networks. The recent IDC report for Q1 2024 reveals a strong growth rate for POCO, propelling it to no. 6 position amongst the top Android smartphone brands in India.

Mr. Himanshu Tandon, Country Head, POCO India, expressed his excitement about the exceptional growth in Q1 2024, stating, “POCO’s remarkable progress is a clear reflection of our unwavering dedication to innovation and our deep understanding of our consumers’ needs. As we move forward, we are more determined than ever to maintain this momentum and set new benchmarks in the industry. We owe this milestone to the massive support and love that we have received from our POCO family. We believe that 2024 holds great promise for us.”

POCO’s recent launches, including the highly successful POCO X6 series and POCO C61, have become instant hits due to their exceptional value and performance. On the marketing front, POCO India has successfully forged a strong connection with the Gen Z audience through its disruptive approach. This includes strategic partnerships that have significantly amplified POCO’s visibility. Collaborations with popular reality show BIGG BOSS and renowned food chain Taco Bell have further strengthened POCO’s presence across various touchpoints and helped cultivate a loyal fan base. With such a growth charter, POCO India is well-positioned to maintain its dominance in the Indian smartphone market.

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