State Electropathic Physicians Association organises 19th Annual Conference

Electropathic has proved its efficacy over years: Experts

Bhubaneswar, Jan. 21, 2024: Electropathic branch of medicine, discovered by Count Ceasor Mattei of Italy in 1865, had proved its efficacy over the years across the globe and it is now growing in popularity in India. Realising its contribution to the healthcare system, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly passed the Electropathy System of Medicine Bill, thus validating its use and giving it the much-required validity. Hence, other provincial governments and the Union Government must lend it the legality so that more and more people can avail the benefit of the medicine, said eminent personalities while addressing 19th Annual Conference of the State Electropathic Physicians Association here at Gita Govinda Sadan on Sunday.

The annual conference was organised on the sidelines of the 215 birth anniversary of electropathy’s father Count Ceasor Mattei.

Former finance minister Panchanan Kanungo, who graced the occasion as chief guest, shared his personal tryst with electropathy and said he had immensely benefited by the medicine.

“I had acute neurological problem. I was advised to see an eletropathy doctor and he successfully cured me. I would like to suggest you to share your success stories with others so that the state governments and others will get an impression about the efficacy of this branch of medicine,” said Mr Kanungo.

Eminent social scientist and CYSD Co-Founder Mr Jagdanand said, “Today the patient wants to see a good doctor to get cured from their illness. They want to get rid of diseases at affordable prices. Every branch of medicine has got its own strengths. Similarly, electropathy has its own advantages. The World Health Organisation must be given a presentation so as to give it recognition,” he observed.

Senior journalist Akshaya Kumar Sahoo said electro homoeopathy doctors have been rendering commendable healthcare services to people in India. He suggested that practioners of this branch of medicine must maintain a database of the patients they treated and present them before the right authorities for availing recognition.

Dr. Saroj Kumar Sahoo, President SEPA, Odisha explained the character of features of electropathy. He said electro energy means organic energy which has been acquired from plants.

“This is a unique method. It’s not anyone’s copy. Whether it is a change in lifestyle or any other reason, if there is a problem in the blood of the body’s juice, it is solved by using the ingredients from the plant. That treatment method is electro homeopathy. While bills have been passed in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, the Central government has formed a group of ministers. We appeal to the government to take necessary steps for the betterment of electro homoeopathy practitioners.’’

The program was presided over by Dr. Saroj Kumar Sahu, President of the State Electro Pathik Chikitarians Association-Odisha. Parshuram Khatua read out the annual report. Dr. Prashant Kumar Sabat, Teacher, Pharmacy College College, Soa University. Rashmi Ranjan Maharatha, Co-Secretary of the Association delivered the welcome address and Vice President Dr. Manoj Kumar Mahala proposed the vote of thanks.

On this occasion, Dr. Sunandan Mishra, Dr. Manas Ranjan Biswal, Dr. Manoj Kumar Badi, Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Mishra, Dr. Geeta Prasad Majhi, Dr. Suryanarayan Mohanty, Dr. Sunita Mahanta, Dr. Sukantilata Parida assisted in the conduct of the program.

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