Tata Steel Mining signs MoU with GAIL (India) to use cleaner fuel

Natural gas from Gujarat to come to TSML’s Ferro Alloys plant in Cuttack
Sustainability initiative to reduce carbon footprint
Bhubaneswar: Reaffirming commitment to reduce the carbon footprint in its operations, Tata Steel Mining Limited (TSML) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GAIL (India) Limited for supply of natural gas to its Ferro Alloys Plant at Athgarh in Cuttack district here on 1st March.
As per the MoU, GAIL, India’s leading natural gas company, will supply the agreed quantity of natural gas through its pipeline from Gujarat to Tata Steel Mining’s Ferro Alloys plant at Athgarh, in Cuttack district.
Signing the MoU, Pankaj Satija, Managing Director, Tata Steel Mining said, “As a responsible mining company, we are committed to protect the environment by using cleaner fuels and signing of the MoU with GAIL (India) Ltd. will further help us in this direction”
Tata Steel Mining had earlier approached GAIL for natural gas through pipeline for its Athgarh plant to replace furnace oil with cleaner fuel. The move will help reduce carbon footprint and further strengthen the company’s endeavour towards a sustainable future.
Furnace oil emits more CO2, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides than natural gas. Natural gas emits 27% less CO2 and has lower levels of other pollutants. This project will lead to Green House Gas emission reduction by 968 tons CO2/year.

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