Vi Showcases Diverse Range of Use Cases Highlighting Transformational and Limitless Capabilities of 5G

Leading telecom operator, Vi is showcasing diverse India-specific transformational 5G use cases for visitors at the launch of 5G services and exhibition organised by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

With the objective to provide a better and connected tomorrow to the citizens and enterprises, Vi, in partnership with ecosystem players, has developed a wide range of use cases relevant for enterprises and consumers. At the event in Bhubaneshwar, Vi is showcasing smart enterprise solutions for business growth. These include: IoT powered Smart Infra, IoT powered Smart Mobility, Smart Construction and Worker Safety with Digital Twin, Public Safety and Connected Healthcare with Smart Ambulance.

Vi Showcase at the Booth:

Sr.No Use Case Solution Benefit/Impact
1 Smart City Surveillance The use case demonstrates how UHD Video cameras through 5G network capabilities help first response teams during emergency & disaster situations such as traffic violations, crowd detection, an alone woman in an unsafe environment , unidentified object detection and alert. CCTV surveillance cameras are able to transmit the ultra-high-definition videos beyond 4K that are captured by UHD cameras for subsequent AI recognition & Analytics. ·         Helps to improve public safety in cities

·         Helps first response teams during emergency & disaster situations

2 Connected Healthcare Showcases how to utilize the Golden Time to comence diagnostics, get expert views, and infrastructure ready at hospital for emergency procedures while the patient is enroute to the hospital.The ambulance is equipped with a camera focused on the patient and a mobile app is connected to the ECG machine showing necessary metrics. The doctor can view the ECG output of the patience in ambulance from the app and assit the paramedic to stabilize the patient’s vitals whenever necessary



Doctors can receive diagnostic exams from the scene before the patient arrives at the hospital, optimizing the treatment time

The trials have proven that that 5G networks are critical for delivery of such experiences and current 4G network fall short of many aspects.

3 Smart Construction and Worker Safety This use case is for smart construction. Vi is demonstrating following sub use cases:

·         Digital Twin/Digital replica of metro tunnel construction site – Navigate through the tunnel and experience the tunnel construction virtually.

·         Realtime video feed of metro tunnel construction site – 4 cameras positioned at entry, exit, face and surface of the tunnel delivering realtime feed to HoloLens.

In real world, 50-100 cameras can run on 5G with higher codec which cannot be supported in 4G

·         Tunnel workers’ health and safety monitored using AI driven video analytics

Automated real time notification and alert of mishaps monitored via video analytics

Live video call between the Holo Lens and a user in the tunnel as part of remote assist.

This use case helps to improve operational performance for below customer segments –

Construction sites

Smart manufacturing ,Bio-Engineering , Automotive

Crucial remote sites such as Oil & Gas wells, Tunnel constructions

Under water or underground working sites, such as Mines, any Marine Work site

Establishments in remote, high terrain and difficult environmental conditions

4 Smart EV Infra This solution enables overall monitoring of vehicle movement and it caters across the daily operations like, movement of vehicle from point A to B, vehicle stop and idling, geofence entry/exit. It also helps customer to remotely lock and unlock the wheel, remote vehicle immobilisation and keyless ignition on/off using app

Customers can also get safety alerts in case of vehicle tampering.

One of the critical components in electric vehicles is battery which is one of the costliest part of the vehicle and that is where our EV battery monitoring solution plays a vital role.

Vi’s solution not only provides vehicle visibility and monitoring but also enhance safety and security of the battery that goes in the EV. The solution helps provides location of battery, it helps track the battery cell performance like cell voltage and temperature. It also notifies on malfunctioning/ non-functioning of battery (battery error codes) for preventive maintenance. Showcases how our IoT EV solution is enabling battery monitoring.

·         Monitoring and managing EV infra

·         Powering connected, adaptive, sustainable electrified vehicles

·         Our focus is to take India towards self-reliant, sustainable and emission free country

5 Smart Mobility This intelligent robot powered by AI/ML with IoT capabilities enables shop floor automation and facilitate intra-logistics operations. The robot finds the best path to reach its destination without human intervention due to its anti-collision feature. This solution offers absolute flexibility and scalability of operations with enhanced safety. Vi is demonstrating how the solution enables movement of material from one place to another using AI and ML without any manual assistance. This robot picks up the package from loading bay and drop it to the unloading bay through a predefined path that has been set up for the demo. ·         Reduces human  errors to avoid accidents and safety violations

·         Provides flexible movement of material in high-risk zones

·         Speeds up operations to result in lower human intervention

·         Reduces material damage & the laborious process of transportation

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