108 ambulance crew carried patient for 4 km on forest road

Kalahandi: The 108 ambulance crew carried a critical patient on a stretcher. As per the incident, a 60-year-old woman named, Sinadei Majhi of Uparjhapi village under Talajhapi panchayat of Thuamul Rampur block of Kalahandi district suffered severe injuries on her leg while working in the forest. For this, his family contacted 108 ambulance. A 108 ambulance rushed to the spot from Gunupur SDH immediately after receiving the information. But since the patient was in the forest, it was not possible to go with an ambulance to his house. So Digarsen Pujhari, EMT of the 108 ambulance, pilot, Aruna Duria and support crew, Vijay Kumar Nayak walked on a stretcher to reach the patient’s spot and with the help of villagers, carried the patient for about four k.ms through the forest road and took it to the ambulance. After this, the patient was brought by ambulance and admitted on Community Health Centre in Thuamul Rampur. 108 ambulance crew is being praised for such humanity during the disaster.

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