Baba Ramdev’s advice FOR  Carona – Do this to boost the body’s immune system

Bhubaneswar – The corona virus, or COVID-19, is now a worldwide threat. If  anyone’s immune system is weak or older people more affected by  this. This is especially dangerous for people with heart disease, diabetes or asthma .

So don’t go  to crowded place.   It is recommended that you wash your hands frequently, cover your face  when coughing and do not  touch your face, mouth, mouth, eyes and nose. It is also advised not to spit outside.

Baba Ramdev, however, advises yoga and pranayama along with exercise to boost the body’s immune system.

Vastika, Kapalavati and Anulom vilom Pranayam  will improve the quality of the lungs and boost the immune system.

He recommends a minimum of 5 minutes a day for each pranayam

He also asked for boiled gulucha tinospra or giloy, basil, turmeric and black pepper  in water , and take its soup. Take a good look at  giloy  and see the photo below. Otherwise, Patanjali’s Tulsi and Giloy juice are available. You can also use Tulsi Panchang Juice and Giloy Juice.giloybabaramdev

Greetings without shaking hands. Eating vegetables is good .Garlic has a strong immune power. It is also good to eat one or two  cloves of garlic a day.

It is better to drink plenty of water.

Be sure to consult a doctor if you have a cough or fever with a cold  and sore throat.

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