Fell in Love with a Transgender ,Married On the day, Transgender  wife escaped at night


Patna: One person in Chapra district if Bihar in India could not get a life partner. His age was just passing by . His marriage was getting late . which has been the subject of much speculation in his village . This incident took place in Bihar’s Chhapra district . A man named Ramesh ,  who lives in the village could not get married even though he was getting old. The marriage could not be settled anywhere, even though many proposals were coming for him And as he got older, the villagers were worried about how he could get married .


And in the meantime, Ramesh fell in love with a Transgender. When the villagers found out, they married him to Transgender  .The marriage was solemnized with pomp, and there was no limit to the happiness of the villagers .


This happiness but could not last long . Because late at night, Transgender escaped from the house . after the incident, the villagers  have reported this in police station .

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