In Odisha Covid Drug ‘2-DG will be free for covid patients


Bhubaneswar – Odisha state government has taken further steps to tackle Covid. The state government will provide   Defence Research Body’s Covid Drug ‘2-DG for free. The state government has ordered 5,000 packets    2-DG pouches  .


This medicine will be provided to all government Covid hospitals. Patients receiving treatment will receive the drug free of charge.   Defence Research Body’s Covid Drug ‘2-DG will be available on the market on June 10th.

The Department of Health is continuing its efforts to figure out how to get the state immediately by continuing discussions with the company. The drug is being manufactured by Dr. Reddy Lab.


2-DG one-pouch was priced at Rs 990. At the government medical level, both the central and state governments can provide it at their own discounted rates. The state government has promised to provide free medical care to patients in the state ahead of any such announcement by the central government. In the past, the state government has been quick to respond Corona issue.

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