India’s Next Leap in MedTech: Introducing MISSO – The Revolutionary Knee Replacement Robot by Meril

Odisha 21 June 2024 – In a groundbreaking advancement for India’s medical technology sector, Meril proudly unveils MISSO, Made in India knee replacement robot set to transform the landscape of orthopedic surgery. This state-of-the-art technology marks a significant leap forward in robotic surgery, promising remarkable outcomes and showcasing the nation’s prowess in medical innovation.

Developed with cutting-edge technology and designed for versatility, MISSO offers unprecedented precision and consistency. Its advanced capabilities allow for minimally invasive surgery, which significantly reduces recovery time and enhances patient outcomes. Mr. Manish Deshmukh, Head of Marketing, India & Global, at Meril, says, “Meril is pleased to bring MISSO, which has the potential to democratise robotic knee replacement surgery in India. The prevalence of osteoarthritis has surged from ~23 million to 62 million in the last 20-25 years, making it the second-largest disease modality after cardiovascular conditions.The gap between the need and adoption of knee replacement surgery can be addressed more efficiently by the widespread use of robotic surgery. Currently, the affordability of robotic surgery procedures is a challenge in India. Hospitals also hesitate to invest in imported robotic systems because it requires the training of surgeons and OT staff and a long turnaround time for service-related requests. With MISSO, we aim to address these challenges by providing the platform indigenously alongside an ecosystem of training and support that will make robotic surgery highly accessible, not only in metros, but also in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities”.

MISSO’s technological marvel lies in its ability to integrate real-time data with meticulous surgical planning. Utilizing advanced imaging and 3D modeling, the robot assists surgeons in preoperative planning and intraoperative guidance. This ensures that each surgical move is executed with unparalleled accuracy, leading to better alignment and positioning of the knee implants. The precision of MISSO enhances the durability of the knee implants and also improves overall patient satisfaction and mobility post-surgery.

The introduction of robotic-assisted knee replacements, such as those performed by MISSO, represents the future of orthopedic surgery. This shift is driven by the need for improved surgical outcomes, patient safety, and enhanced efficiency in the operating room. Robotic knee surgery offers numerous benefits over traditional methods, including smaller incisions, less blood loss, reduced pain for patients, which means a faster return to their daily lives with significantly less discomfort.
“This launch reinforces our leadership in the segment of joint replacement surgeries and robotics in India. We are also actively exploring the export potential of this advanced robotic system to help India lead in making robotic surgery accessible worldwide,” Mr. Deshmukh, added.

Moreover, the launch of MISSO brings advanced healthcare options to patients in India, offering world-class technology that was once only accessible in the western world. With MISSO, surgeons across the country can provide precise and efficient knee surgeries, improving the quality of life for countless individuals suffering from knee ailments.

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