Empowering girls and women and giving them self defence training in India

NEWDELHI 02-03-2020 – Empowering girls and women through education .The central government is committed to furthering the cause Launched the campaign. Human Resource Development Minister said  “His ministry is in charge of schools , colleges across the country will celebrate International Women’s Day celebrations on  March 8 . It is International Women’s Day .The week-long campaign with special themes begins today. “The campaign will continue throughout the year,” he said.


Now At every level of education in the country, girls are more likely than boys . Attendance has risen unexpectedly. The minister said Self-defense Olympiad for girls at school level, like the Olympics Will be held. Ensuring the safety and security of girls Grades six to twelve in all government schools for the purpose of doing so Self-defense training is being provided until now. “Yoga,” classes are taken to strengthen them .

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