BJD: 72 to 106, BJP: 32 to 58 -‘Samaja’ Exit Poll

Cuttack: The results of the biggest unbiased survey conducted by the daily ‘Samaj’ for 147 assembly and 21 Lok Sabha constituencies in Odisha have been released. According to the data, the BJD is leading in the assembly elections, while the BJP is expected to get more than two-thirds of the votes in the Lok Sabha elections.
Over 400 representatives of the Samaj met people from different walks of life and gathered their votes. In addition, an experienced team at the head office analysed these collected feedback and assessed the estimated situation. In this process, the ‘society’ does not reflect any of its own views. According to the opinion vote, the BJD is projected to get 72 to 106 seats in the assembly elections. With 74 seats required to form the government in the state, the bjd’s chances of forming the government here are bright. On the other hand, the BJP is projected to get 32 to 58 seats and the Congress 8 to 16 seats. In the Lok Sabha seats, bjd will get 3-7 seats, BJP 14 to 18 and Congress one seat.

In the Lok Sabha seats, BJD will get 3-7 seats, BJP 14 to 18 and Congress one seat. In addition, the highest number of voters surveyed in this election voted for change, while the second highest voted for the preferred candidate on the basis of personality. The voters have chosen candidates based on experience in the third and development or other matters in the fourth.
Dr. Prabhas Acharya, publisher-printer, released a press release on behalf of the daily ‘Samaj’.

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