BJD’s victory continues- The second round of counting is over:

Bhubaneswar: As the countdown to the second day of the panchayat elections continues, the ruling BJD’s winning streak continues. With today being the last day of the count, the BJD is on the verge of a major victory. The stronghold in the district where the main opposition BJP formed the council in 2017 is now shaking. In most districts, the BJP could not open an account. Even though one of the opposition Congresses is in a weak position, It is struggling to maintain his position by bringing some of his traditional votes to his side.

According to the Election Commission on Sunday, the BJD won 282  seats out of the 315 Zilla Parishad seats on the first day, while the BJP won 15 seats, the Congress 14 seats, the Independent and other parties two seats. In the first round of voting, the BJD won unilaterally. By the end of the first day’s count, the party had won more than 89.52 percent of the district council seats.

According to the Election Commission, by 7 pm, the BJD had won 282 of the 421 seats in the state, including 306    seats on the second day, leading by 272. In the two-day count, the BJD  is projected to win a total of 554 seats, while the BJP will win 31 seats and the Congress 29  and nine independents and other parties.

Even after 22 years in the BJD government, people’s faith in the state has continued to grow. The anti-faith atmosphere is not working for the team. With the ruling party consolidating its position, the national BJP  and the Congress have suffered a humiliating defeat in the ongoing elections. With the BJP government at the center giving priority to the state in various schemes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Odisha during the disaster and extending a helping hand. In many important positions at the Center, Odia officers have been appointed and Padma award is being honored in the field of art and literature. State leaders are pushing for the BJP to reach out to the people about the central plan; However, the strategy of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has been thwarted. In 2017, the BJP did well in the panchayat elections.. However, in the current panchayat elections, the BJP’s front-runner has not been able to get to the polls and the party has been forced to resign. The BJP has always tried to win over the opposition by raising various anti-government issues, but to no avail.

Similarly, the Congress, the oldest national party, has not been able to improve its position in Odisha. While the party won 60 district council seats in 2017, there are doubts about whether it will reach that level in the current election. The Party’s disappointing results have been widely criticized. Now that the BJP and the Congress are in a very weak position, there is doubt as to who will be second in the state. This is because of the fact that the BJP is ahead of the BJP in the polls when it comes to election results.

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