Mamta’s role behind the growing vegetables Price ! That’s how the marigolds coming from West Bengal are also

Now the price of vegetables has suddenly skyrocketed. A few days ago, tomatoes were priced between Rs 20 and Rs 25, but now they have crossed Rs 100 per kilo. The price is said to have gone up due to the rains. But did all the tomatoes get damaged due to the sudden rain? Not just tomatoes, ginger has crossed 300 biter groud per kilo. Not only that, green vegetable is also Rs. 80 to 100.

While the rain is the reason behind this, various non-BJP ruled states such as West Bengal, Punjab, Karnataka and Telangana, as well as Andhra Pradesh, have a lot of vegetables. Odisha depends on West Bengal for vegetables along with potato onions. There has been an unprecedented rise in vegetable prices. The increase in wholesale prices has hit the common consumers. Even when marigold flowers are coming from West Bengal, its price has increased by two times. The panchayat elections in West Bengal are scheduled to be held from July 8. Now when the price rises are high, all the opposition parties are not blaming the Centre. However, some commentators have said that it could be Mamata’s job.

There is talk that this is being done to influence the people as panchayat elections are being held in West Bengal ahead. According to market experts, it is not long that the prices will come down significantly after a few days.

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