Road became Waterfall after rain – truck fall down

Bhubaneswar- There is Heavy rainfall in Different Districts of Odisha . Also there is heavy rain fall in

Kamakshanagar sub-division   Dhenkanal district   . Ramial and its tributaries have been flooded with rain water . As a result, three villages in the Bhuban  block have been cut off from the outside world. Jaipur, Malpura and Dadhisinga villages in the block are under water blockade.

The Jaipur village main road is flooded with 4 feet of floodwaters. Similarly, in the village of Kainbil in the Kamakshanagar block, the Kalabila canal has been flooded and people have been flooded. Water is flowing over the Kalabila canal. Similarly, the pump house supplying water to the city of Kamakshanagar has been submerged.

Water supply has been cut off. The Kirtanpur bridge in the Kankadahad block is closed to 3 feet of water. Approach roads and canals have also been washed away by torrential rains. The approach road on Siarimalia on National Highway 53 was 40 feet, while the canal road was 50 feet and the truck was stuck in it. As a result, hundreds of vehicles were stranded on both sides. Traffic on the Talcher-Kamakshanagar road has been disrupted. Some riverine areas in the Parajang block are submerged.


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