The Delta Plus variant is spreading in UK, with over4,000 infections per day.

LONDON: The British government is worried about a new species of delta variant. Covid’s new variant is called Delta Plus- variant. The British government is investigating about this. Because of this new variant, infections are on the rise again in the country. The number of victims and deaths in the UK has been steadily rising for the past weeks. In three days, more than 40,000 people have been be diagnosed in the country.

Boris Johnson’s government has lifted all curfews in the country. However, Prime Minister Johnson has called on citizens to abide by the Covid restrictions . Masks have been made mandatory in public. It is also advised to maintain social distance. Scientists have taken this new variant of Corona seriously. Scientists have also revealed that the virus also infects people who take both doses of the covid vaccine. More research is underway. The UK Ministry of Health has also declared the new virus a “variant under investigation”.

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