The demand of the ‘Hindu nation’ has not been met; Today, Paramahansa Acharya Maharaj will take ‘Salil Samadhi’ in the Saryu River

Ayodhya: Famous  Sage  Paramahansa Acharya Maharaj, who has appealed to the central government to declare India a “Hindu nation”, will take a “salil Samadhi” on the Saryu river in Ayodhya today. “Salil Samadhi” is said to have lost his life by drowning.

Earlier this week, Paramahansa Acharya Maharaj issued an ultimatum to the government that he would take “Salil Samadhi” to the Saryu River if India was not declared a Hindu state by October 2. He also called for the immediate revocation of the citizenship of all Muslims and Christians living in India.

Preparations were underway in Ayodhya for the influential saint not to jump into the Saryu River .

“Paramahansa has been placed under house arrest,” Rajesh Roy, Ayodhya’s CEO, told reporters. He is not leaving the post for any work. Currently Police officers are discussing with Him. According to sources, the police are advising Paramhansa to submit a memorandum .

A few months back , Paramahansa Acharya Maharaj was preparing  setting fire to      himself  . Ayodhya police detained him .

He also went on a 15-days hunger strike, demanding a Hindu state. He broke the fast due to the intervention and promises of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

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