This year Jagannath’s Rath yatra only  in Puri; the Supreme Court rejected an application for a rath yatra elsewhere,



New Delhi: While there has been a lot of controversy over whether or not to hold a rath yatra due to the corona and lock down , the Odisha  state government had earlier allowed the rath yatra only in Jagannath dham Puri. But in other parts of the state and in other cities, multiple cases have been filed in the Supreme Court seeking permission to conduct rathayatra. The court rejected all the appeal.


A three-judge bench headed by India’s Chief Justice NV Ramna said, “More people have died this year due to the Covid9-19 epidemic. The death toll was much lower than last year. ‘In view of this, the Supreme Court has ruled out Rath yatra anywhere except Puri.


“Earlier, the Odisha government had allowed a Rath yatra in Puri amid the Lockdown,” the chief justice told the bench. We do not want to interfere in his decisions. We are very sorry that we cannot help you. I also want to see God. But given the situation, we can not allow Rath yatra anywhere other than Puri. ‘


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