allegations of torture of married couple – case in the name of husband, sister-in-law


Jaipur: A married man has been accused of dowry abuse. The complainant is Sambari Bhatra, 19, of Shashahandi in Kotpada block. She has lodged a complaint in the name of her husband, Trinath Bhatra and Sutuni of Nabarangpur Ambadula. A case has been registered in the women’s police station in this regard, said IIC Mamata Panigrahi.

According to police, the complainant married Trinath last year. Everything was fine until the week of the wedding. Trinath later married his ex-girlfriend and brought her home. Both husband and sister-in-law beat her and pressured her to bring in more money. It’s been 4 months.

The complainant informed the father-in-law in this regard. Unable to resolve the issue, Sambari returned to his father’s house. He was at the door of the police station on the night of the 1st. ASGI Durga Prasad Brahma is the investigating officer in the case.

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