Arranging blood donation camp to ambulance for poor, Prabhat Biswal is leading by example

Bhubaneswar: Lockdown due to Corona Pandemic has affected the life of poor and helpless people across the state. During this crisis as a responsible citizen former MLA of Cuttack – Choudwar constituency Prabhat Ranjan Biswal came forward to help these poor and helpless people. Similarly, as urged by hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Pattnaik to fulfill the blood scarcity in the state, Mr Biswal has organised multiple blood donation camps in last 7 days. More than 500 units of blood collected from these camps. These blood donation camps were started from Mr Biswal’s residence on April 17, where 40 units of blood collected. Whereas in subsequent camps at multiple places of Cuttack-Choudwar 516 units of blood have been collected. The entire initiative was made successful by the active participation of many volunteers.
He also played pivotal role in helping poor and helpless people with dry food and also provided emergency services to critical patients. To provide medical services during lockdown period, he has arranged 2 ambulances on his own cost, which are become helpful for patients during the time of medical emergency. In an incident, Prabhat came forward to help an aggrieved mother, who lost her daughter and transported her body to Kalahandi. Similarly, he also uses his ambulance to helped a woman to reach Binjharpur to her home, after she gave birth to triplet child. Another women of Aska who got treated for breast cancer at SCB Medical College, Cuttack find it very difficult to return home as no government run ambulance was available. When Prabhat got the information, he immediately sent the ambulance to help the women to reach at her home. During this lockdown Prabhat has been rendering his service all through and is committed to do so till lockdown ends. His act of good Samaritan is receiving praise and accolades by many.

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