Bridge washed away by rain

Baipariguda:  One bridge in Baipariguda block in Koraput District of Odisha washed away bay rain. It collapsed last night when there was no vehicular movment. Villagers of Bandakaguda in Pendapada panchayat under Baipariguda block of Koraput district could not communicate to outer world with out this bridge.

While the government is said to be spending crores of rupees on road construction to facilitate communication between villages in the interior Odisha now these villagers are facing the problem.

The bridge, which was built on a hilly canal from Putiaaguda in the Pendapada panchayat in the middle of Bandakaguda, has been washed away by torrential rains, leaving the villagers of Bandakaguda suffering from a kind of isolation. It was on this road that   became the sole means of livelihood. Through this road, the villagers used to go to the panchayat headquarters for various activities.

The problem of villagers has been exacerbated by the closure of the road they relied on to get to Pendapada, especially for their monthly rations and allowances. Almost everyone was unable to travel     Now that the vehicles are far away, broken bridges have been set up to keep them on foot.

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