Groom Demanded For Labrador Dog and a 21nailedTurtle in Dowry

There are still some places in the country where dowry-like evils continue. A case of dowry has come to light from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, which may surprise you. Here the  groom’s side demanded the bride’s side for a 21nailed turtle and a Labrador dog as dowry. Police have filed a case against the groom and his family following allegations by the bride’s family.


The incident took place in the Usmanpura area of ​​Aurangabad. According to Usmanpura police, the girl had married to the accused on February 10th at a wedding  Hall in the Ramnagar area. Prior to the marriage, the  groom’s side demanded Rs 200,000 in dowry from the bride’s family and 100 grams of gold.


Not only that, the son-in-law demanded that the bride’s house have 21 nail turtles, a black Labrador dog  and a Buddha statue. They divorced because they refused to give all those things.


A case has been registered under Sections 420, 406 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code after the bride complained to the   police.

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