Indian Army is building an integrated defense site with the LAC of Arunachal Pradesh

Newdelhi – The Indian Army is building an integrated defense facility with the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh

Amid ongoing border disputes with China, the Indian Army has created an integrated defense ground with the Arunachal Pradesh Line of Actual Control (LAC) as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has stepped up military exercises on it. These integrated defense positions themselves are a device in various parts of the LAC This includes complete communication, monitoring, operation and logistics systems

“It simply came to our notice then Big guns can be collected in a matter of minutes for military attack helicopters

Such integrated defenses are being created with the LAC of Arunachal Pradesh to prevent any kind of danger or situation.

Among the big guns, the Force Upgrade Vintage L-70 deploys Air Defense Guns, Bofors and M777 Sweaters.

Renovated vintage L-70 air defense guns have increased target acquisition and automatic target tracking capabilities in all weather conditions, including high-resolution electro-optical sensors.

It is effective against armored drones, low-flying objects because upgraded firearms can automatically trigger fires after automatically identifying hazards.

Speaking to IANS, Indian Army Capt. Saria Abbasi said: “The firearms have been able to contain the fire and can be timed.

BEL has upgraded about L70 guns The guns were first purchased in the late 1960s by the Swedish company Bofors AB and later licensed by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB).

Witnessing China’s activities in the LAC, India has enhanced its defense and oversight capabilities and has also deployed more machines and men to prevent any situation.

On Tuesday, Lt. Gen. Manoj Pandey, Commander-in-Chief of the Eastern Army, said: From the act to the point where our soldiers are actually deployed in the LAC.

“The rescue squad wasn’t called for him,” he told the Associated Press. “We have enough energy available in every sector to deal with any situation and we are practicing and rehearsing on a variety of practices that can be thin during deployment.”

Officials also said they had strengthened the deployment but mainly where the deployment was thin. India and China have been involved in border disputes in the LAC for the past 17 months

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