You will be amazed to know that a kilo of mangoes is ….

Everyone knows that mango is called the king of fruits. India is the most widely cultivated mango in the world. Various types of mango are found in India. You would think that the most expensive mangoes would be found in India. But the most expensive mangoes in the world are found not in India but in Japan.

The price of this Mango is so high that it is not easy for everyone to buy. This species of Mango, called Taiyono Tamago (Egg of the Sun), is planted in the Miyazaki prefecture of Japan. These mangoes are sold in certain parts of Japan.

Every year, these expensive mangoes are auctioned off and their prices skyrocket. This Mango cultivation is quite different from all other species. Mangoes of this species are cultivated only if orders are received. It’s half red and half yellow. In Japan, mangoes are grown in hot and humid environments and in temperate climates. It is very expensive because it is cultivated with great care. The pair were auctioned off in 2016. Do you know how much the mangoes sold at auction?

It was sold in Indian currency for about Rs 72,000. Each Mango weighed 350 grams. Now think about how much it costs to buy 1 kg of mangoes? A lot of care must be taken when planting this Mango sapling. During ripening, these mangoes are tied in small nets. So when ripe, the mangoes do not fall down. When the mango is fully ripe, it is automatically cut and stuck in a net. This mango is very tasty and juicy.

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