Kolkata’s Amir Chow cheats crores of rupees through mobile games – 7 crore seized during ED raid

The Enforcement Directorate today raided six locations in Kolkata in an investigation related to mobile gaming applications. More than 7 crores in cash has been seized during the raid. A man named Amir Chow launched the mobile gaming application, named E-Nuggets. Through this, money was taken from the public fraudulently.

In the early stages, users were paid commission and the balance in the wallet could be easily withdrawn. It created trust in the minds of the users and they invested more money in it. After charging large sums of money from the public, the system of appropriating money was emerging.

After that, all the information related to the profile is deleted. FIR on this scam After graduation, E.D. Initiated action. Federal bank authorities complained about the fraud.


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