Mother’s Public School’s Annual Day ‘Ankuram’ celebrates Vision for a Better Tomorrow

Bhubaneswar: Mother’s Public School celebrated its Annual Day ‘ANKURAM’ on 18th November 2023, centered around the theme ‘Vision for a better tomorrow’ encapsulating, plethora of programs consolidated on Sustainable Development Goals. The Chief Guest was the Regional Head of CBSE Mr.T. Mate. The other dignitaries that graced the occasion were the Chairman, Colonel Balu Bharat and the Vice Chairman, Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan of the Sahodaya Schools Complex, BBSR and the Principals of all the leading institutions of Bhubaneswar.


The event unfolded with the lighting of the lamp and sloka chanting. Thereafter the Chairman and Principal of Mother’s Group of Institutions Ms. Poly Patnaik read the Annual Report highlighting the achievements of the academic year 2022-23. Highlighting the agenda of Sustainable Development, Mother’s Public School has started working towards these goals since a year and included the goals of ‘Zero Hunger’, ‘Quality Education’ and ‘Life Under Water’ in the planner taking up each goal at a time by conducting workshops for students, orientation for parents for the betterment of education and has emerged out successfully. Several outreach programs have been conducted for promoting the local arts and artisans like the Pattachitra painters, handmade diya vendors from Behrampur. Field trips have been conducted to the Tribal Art Museum and Kalabhoomi where they received training from the trained artisans for which they received certificates.

Speaking on the occasion Sreejeet Patnaik, MD, Mother’s public School said, “Mother Public School Unit -1 branch is celebrating its Annual Function “Ankuram” today, focusing on core issues such as climate change and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The primary objective is to convey messages on how to preserve the climate for future generations. The theme centres around the 17 SDGs outlined by CBSE Guidelines, with each goal being systematically described and focused on in order to emphasize strategies for preserving the climate for future generations”.

The school has also collaborated with the Government of Odisha Millet Mission and every fourth Saturday a stall is set up in the school premises and it is ensured that students and the parents buy millet products from them. The school also took up the goal ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ as the guest speaker for a workshop shared the role of the BMC in keeping the city clean, segregate the waste of biodegradable and non-biodegradable and electronic waste. For ‘Life Below Water’ the immersion of the clay idol of Lord Ganesha (made by the students) a pit was dug up instead of immersing it in the river. Several promotional videos have also been released in the social media to address the public of the goals that the school has taken up.

The Annual Day is a culmination of all these activities that the school has been working for since a year. Mr. Prashanta Behera, a vegetable vendor at Unit-1 market was felicitated at the function for truly proving himself as a guardian by saying a strict NO to the use of polythene.Several students and teachers were also felicitated for their commendable work and outstanding performance. ‘Panchabhoota’ was the star attraction of the evening. Children through their dances tried to spread the awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.Through ‘ANKURAM’, Mother’s Public School has just begun their little step towards the betterment of the planet and the quality of human life and hopes to be successful in spreading the message and fulfilling its objective by 2030.

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