Looters snatched 40K Rupees from  Woman inside the ATM, arrested


NEWDELHI/Bhubaneswar: Chandrasekharpur police have arrested a robber who stole Rs 40,000 from a woman’s hand while withdrawing money from an ATM. The robber, who was arrested from a slum in the Neeladribihar area  Bhubaneswar was Rupesh Solanki, 33, of Gujarat.

After 10 days of operation, police located Rupesh, while another of his associates fled. On the 9th, Nirupama Swain withdrew Rs 40,000 from an ATM in Niladribihar area. Mansi Patra, who was with her, then went inside to withdraw money from the ATM. At that moment, Rupesh and his associates waited for the money to be withdrawn. As soon as Nirupama came out, the miscreants snatched  her purse and fled. Police were

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