Tahsildar dances in marriage procession during lockdown

Jajpur Road: The state government is taking various steps to put a stop to the rising number of corona  infections. Lockdown and weekly shutdowns have been announced. Police and administrative officials have been   monitoring the situation. But a female administrative officer has been found to have disregarded it. In   ​​Jagatsinghpur district’s Tirthol block, a videois viaral .     Tahsildar was seen dancing  in marriage procession during lockdown .   Sukinda tahsildar Bulbul Behera was seen dancing.

According to sources, on the 21st, She had gone to Jagatsinghpur’s Tirtol area on the occasion of his brother’s marriage. There she was seen in the video dancing with others in violation of  Covid rules. And sometimes she wears a mask and sometimes she dances without a mask.   woman wearing a red lehenga is Tahsildar Bulbul Behera. So far no information has been received from the concerned tehsildar.


The government has tightened lockdowns in the state and limited the number of people involved in weddings. And the press has also been shut down by the government. At this point in time, as an official in the administration, he has been seen violating the law instead of acting in accordance with government regulations.

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