Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) takes steps to enhance skills of local youth in Kalinganagar

Kalinganagar: Tata Steel Foundation (TSK) is taking steps to improve the skill level of local youths who have completed ITI and Diploma courses. As part of this initiative, the foundation has facilitated a one and a half-month fitter training program for the second batch of students at Tata Steel Skill Development Society (TSSDS) Pvt ITI Jagannathpur in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand.
A group of 13 students from Kalinganagar and nearby areas have been sent for the training program. The head of training at Tata Steel, Mr. Sanjay Bhusan Choudhary, conducted an interaction session with the trainees at the Tata Steel Foundation office in Duburi.
A skill assessment test was conducted for 42 students in and around Kalinganagar who had completed ITI and Diploma courses in recent years. The test revealed that the pandemic had disrupted their practical classes, leading to a gap in their skill set. To bridge this gap, Tata Steel Foundation has partnered with TSSDS Pvt ITI Jagannathpur to enhance the practical knowledge of the students.
Out of the 42 students who were assessed, 16 students who showed interest in the training program were sent to TSSDS Pvt ITI Jagannathpur for further training.
In the coming months, more students will be sent for similar training programs to make them industry-ready. Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) Continues Efforts to Bridge Skills Gap of Local ITI and Diploma Graduates in Kalinganagar.

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