Trapped-When mobile thief trying to unlock a stolen mobile selfie taken automatically  and sent to owner’s friend

Bhubaneswar- thief trapped by a stolen mobile. A local youth has been charged with stealing multiple mobile phones from a company guest house in Nimidihi village under Paradip port area Odisha under Locke police station. On the 2nd of last month, the mobile phone of a man named Chiranjeevi Shenda, who was working inside IOCL , was stolen from the colony. However, the young man who stole did not know that if he unlocked his mobile phone, he would be trapped .

As he tried to unlock his mobile phone a selfie taken automatically by security app  and this photo went to the  another mobile phone of Chiranjeev’s colleague  .


As a result, it was revealed who had stolen the mobile. Based on this photo, Chiranjeev  had  reported to the police. Not only that, but two mobiles belonging to Nitesh Jena and Ranjan Das were stolen from the guest house a few days ago. The three mobile phones   costs Rs 50,000.  But this is not the first time the thief has stolen. He was looting mobiles from different areas. there have already been multiple cases in his name in the Locke police station.


He has already gone to jail.   the thief’s father  is a renowned person, and his son’s actions have become a hot topic.  father of the thief has been seen participating in a  panchayat of justice in the village

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