Famous author Salman Rushdie stabbed  last night

Famous author Salman Rushdie stabbed  last night He was scheduled to give a lecture at an institution in New York He was stabbed by a miscreant. In this regard New York Governor Cathy Hochul said, this accident Later,  Salman Rushdie was immediately taken to the local hospital. On the other hand, the New York Police said, the  concerned attackers immediately.

Attacker was caught on the spot and arrested. worth noting,  A 75-year-old Indian-origin author wrote this Several death threats for the book The Satanic Verses was given Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini  After the publication of this book in 1988, Rushdie’s He issued a fatwa for the purpose. Salman because of this death threat Rushdi had to hide himself for many years. If so His novel Midnight’s Children appeared in 1981 Rushdie was honored with the Booker Award.

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