Two thieves fall down when snatching mobile from a young woman, nabbed by local people



Bhubaneswar (Odisha):Iin bubaneswar one of the smart cities of India,    police   arrested two  accused  who trying to snatch a mobile phone from a young woman. The accused are, Laxmidhar Patra of Saliasahi tribal slum, Nikhil Sahu of Behera Sahi. Notably, at around 2am on Thursday, two youths were nabbed  by locals near Jaydev Vihar squre . The accused   attempted to snatch a mobile phone from a young woman. These accused were brutally beaten by locals and handed over to the  police. Police seized  two mobile phones from them.



In another incident in Bhubaneswar: A man was standing near the Science Park slum to sell stolen mobile phones.  Police nabbed the person. During the interrogation, four mobile phones and a stolen bike were found from him. Sahidnagar police have arrested two people. They are Alok Ranjit, who lives near the slum of Unit-4 Ma Mangala Mandir, and Sanu alias Sinu Raju, who lives in the Science Park slum. According to police, they are searching for  customers to sell a stolen mobile phone. Upon hearing the news, a special police team picked them up.

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