Venomous Cobra Snake was Held for months after biting minor girl , Girl was treated at home latter shifted to Hospital after media attention


NewDelhi – A bizarre incident was reported  from Odisha . In Nabarangapur District One Cobra snake was held by family members of a minor girl for biting the girl . The snake was not given any food for one month . Still it is alive . The minor girl was treated at home due to bad financial condition of the family . She  was given primary treatment at Local hospital after snake bite. Then referred to better hospital. Her family members could not afford it . So they brought back the girl to their home and started  some local Desi treatment.


A 7-year-old girl was bitten by a snake. The snakes was held by the family members of the girl . It was not even allowed to eat or drink. So for months, both minors and snakes were in  pain.

The Forest Department employees arrived at the spot to rescused the sanke after hearing about it from various Media sources.  . Similarly, the minor suffering from an infection due to snake venom has also been shifted to Cuttack  SCB Medical for better treatment. Her right arm was   decaying and having one severe infection Due to snake bite,

when she arrived at the SCB Medical, she was admitted to the casualty department and then to the surgery department. In addition, a special team of CTVS, Surgery and Plastic Surgery Department doctors has been formed and treatment has started.


According to sources, Manjula, 7, daughter of Sunadhar   of Balijhar village under Mundibeda panchayat in Raigarh block of Nabarangpur district, climbed a tree to catch a bird .She was bitten by a snake that already existed there.

when she put her hand inside the cord she was bitten by the venomous Snake . Despite three days of treatment at Nabaragapur District Medical  her condition did not improve. So she was advised to be taken to Berhampur Medical College. But due to lack of money, Sunadhar came home with his daughter.

The family decided not to let go of the snake until she was well. When he returned home However, due to the lack of food, the snake was completely weak and did not die. “It simply came to our notice then. The Snake was found to have been taken into a forest instead of being examined by the forest department.

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