Attack in front of Police, 12 injured

Bhubaneswar: Twelve people were seriously injured in a clash in Marthapur village of Balipatna police station near Bhubaneswar capital city Of Odisha . The killings are centered around a land dispute . A case was filled in this Case . Both parties clashed with swords , hamers , shovels and Bamboo stick in front of police team . Some people are critically injured from both sides. They were taken to capital hospital for more treatment.

According to sources, the family of Sanjay Bhoi and Hem Bhoi of Marthapur village in Balipatna police station were already embroiled in a land dispute. Efforts were made to resolve it in the presence of village elderly people. An attempted rape case was registered against Hem . Police summoned both sides to the police station today However, the other side did not come to the police station and wandered around the village holding guns and swearing . So Sanjay’s family took refuge in the house of a nearby relative for fear. Came to the village in the presence of the police. At that moment, the two sides resumed fighting, and were attacked with machetes, swords, and spades.

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