“We have to win the Corona war – the Prime Minister.”


New Delhi – Strict measures have been taken, such as social distancing and lockdown. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the speech on Sunday on the occasion of interacting with the people of the country in the 43rd edition of the monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’.


The government has to take a number of stricter measures to prevent the spread of corona virus infection. This has put many of the country’s poorest brothers and sisters in dire straits. So the Prime Minister has expressed his condolences through Mann Ki Baat. In a country with a population of 130 million, Lockdown is the only way to fight Corona. He encouraged general people as well to take part in solving this great task

“Everyone can protect themselves and their families by lockdown.” “We have to show such patience for the next few days and adhere to the goal line,” he said. Breaking the lockdown rule will make it harder to protect against corona virus infections. “Many people in the world have such misconceptions, but today they are regretting it,” he said.


The prime minister spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. Their experience and treatment will inspire people in the ongoing struggle against Corona, the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister described the sisters, doctors, and paramedics who were involved in the anti-Corona struggle as a front-line soldier. The Prime Minister described them as “heroes of daily life.” On the other hand, during the Lockdown, family ties and family ties have increased, many people wrote in the Namo app, the prime minister said. Pratyush of Bhubaneswar wrote to the Prime Minister that he had the opportunity to read many old books during this lockdown. Which he had never read before. Tablets, harps, etc., which have long been closed in the homes of many

“They have taken out the musical instruments and started practicing again,” he said on social media.

“The cooperation and determination of every Indian can get us out of this predicament,” he said. The Prime Minister hopes that in the coming days, the people of India will overcome all obstacles to the development of their country and move forward.

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