Working at the hotel, the husband and wife were living happily   – but Luckdown has now decorated both of them as street beggars, a couple on the street with broken legs.


Rourkela (Odisha): The husband and wife were working happily in the hotel. But Lockdown has now decorated both of them as  beggars. Please tell, Pintu Mishra and Munia Devi came to Rourkela 10-12 years ago in search of work. The couple got a job at a hotel near the  Railway station. Munia was washing dishes while Pintu was serving food to customers. They were  living in a rented house in the Gopbandhupalli area .


The hotel owner fired both of them after the lock down. As a result, Pintu   was working as a cooley while Munia started begging. But they were unable to pay their rent because they did not receive any money. As a result, They were forced to leave their rented house and sleep at the station. Both ate what was available in the form of vices. A few days later, the GRP and RPF drove them out from the station. Both   spent the night on the porch of the market. On the 9th, Pintu went to the Nala Road area in search of work. That time he was hit by a car as he was walking down the street. He was rushed to a local hospital,  His leg was fractured in this accident.



An X-ray revealed that his right leg had been broken. He was admitted to the General Hospita  and released on the  . Now it will take two months to recover  , , It is not possible to rent a car or to  walk to the traffic gate on foot.


So both husband and wife ate at the food center 5 ruppes meal given by govt and spent the night at the RGH bicycle stand. Later in the morning, they came to the side of the main road and  begging. “It simply came to our notice then. They said had they have no choice but to  beg in this lockdown.

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