108 ambulance crews give a new life to a minor boy

Mayurbhanj: Two crews of 108 ambulance gave a new life to a thalassemia patient named, Devraj Mahanta (14), a resident of Nahadsoli area of Badasahi in Mayurbhanj district. The patient was suffering from thalassaemia and was undergoing treatment at Baripada hospital. When his condition became deteriorate, the doctor immediately advised the patient’s relatives to collect A+ blood. Unfortunately, the blood group was not available in the hospital blood bank. At the same time, Deepak Bhanu Mohapatra, EMT of the 108 ambulance that came to the same hospital with another patient, and assistant Satya Narayan Das came to know about this patient. Luckily the blood group of both the employees was also A’positive. So without further delay, both the crews immediately came forward to donate blood and donated blood from one unit each of A’positive blood groups. Their greatness has become a new boon for the 14-year-old boy.

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