Bahanaga rail accident know who is responsible

India is claiming it is developing . Its technology is very advanced . railway is also claiming to be very advanced .Now Bande Bharata train are running fast. at this tie coromandel accident is very weird thing . How this can happened . Three trains collied with each other nearly 275 valuable lives lost, count may increase as some are very critical. Local people of Odisha in Balasore district helped a lot. First rescue work done by them, they first rescued a lot of injured and took them to hospital . They have donated blood voluntarily . Odisha govt also worked very promptly . 200 ambulance deployed. A lot of doctor and paramedical dispatched. ODRAF team came into action very fast .

Really Govt of Odisha has done a remarkable work. But How accident happened. How there is a major mistake by Railway dept . As cores of people depending on train there should be efficient security system. railway is claiming KAVACH and anti collision system . GPS , Automated tracking system still everything failed means railway department is responsible some where. GRP police has registered a case against Railway dept for negligence . Railway Safety commission will find out the root cause. CBI probing . But in general there is security lapses by Railway department No one can deny this .

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