Best immune booster During corona is Drum stick leaf and Drum stick

Everyone is now focusing on boosting their immune system during the corona epidemic. Who is taking how many types of Ayurvedic medicine. Taking advantage of this, various ayurvedic pharmaceutical manufacturers are selling immune booster drugs at exorbitant prices. At this time, the information provided on the Odisha government’s Twitter and Facebook accounts about Drumstick and drum stick leaf (Shajana Shag ) important. A poster with the Odisha government’s logo is circulating on Twitter and Facebook. The announcement, issued by the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Empowerment, shows that everyone needs to boost their immunity during the corona.

Vegetable vegetables are the best. The statement added that eating 50 grams of sesame seeds or 100 grams of sesame seeds once a day will help the body get more nutrients. It also called for the planting of ornamental trees on small plots of land. According to other sources, Drumstick and drum stick leaf contains 7 times more calcium and 2 times more protein than milk. It contains 4 times more vitamin A than carrots, 50 times more vitamin B3 than bananas, 4 times more vitamin C than orange lemon and 2 times more vitamin E than pistachio nuts. “It simply came to our notice then. Drumstick and drum stick leaf also contains large amounts of iron (iron), which increases hemoglobin levels and eliminates anemia. The announcement was widely circulated today on both Twitter and Facebook.

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