Blackmail by taking nude videos of female security guards! Supervisor arrested



Bhubaneswar/BURLA: Employees of a private security service in Vimsar, which has gained notoriety in everything from theft to beatings,The security supervisor is arrested on charges of attempting to blackmail a female security guard.

The woman told the hostel’s matron about her baby’s health. With the permission of Matron, a female security guard   fed her  bay milk at the hostel. At this point, a supervisor named Qasim Khan went to the back of the hostel and   taking a video, forcing the female security guard   to have sex with him on pretext of this video.


The supervisor, on the other hand, is accused of making her nude videos viral everywhere if she tells anyone about it. the female security guard  lodged a complain at the Burla police station demanding justice. Burla police have filed a case and arrested the accused supervisor.

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