Devgarh BJP factional dispute: MP’s wife again Blamed by party workers

Debgarh: Campaigning for the panchayat elections by the three major political parties is in full swing. In such an electoral mood, the BJP in Debgarh district is buzzing with rumors of a split in the Bjp party. Zilla Parishad chairperson Sudhamayi Patel and her husband and former Zilla Parishad chairman Ranjit Patel have been accused of propaganda. Mr Arundhati Devi, the wife of Sambalpur MP

On Tuesday, Zilla Parishad chairperson Patel Devgarh complained at police station again . Because of this they are both suffering from mental harasmnt. He also warned in writing that he would be forced to commit suicide. The incident has sparked controversy in the district.


This is not the first case. He had earlier lodged a complaint with the Devgarh police station on the 25th of last month. Based on the allegations, the Devgarh police have registered a case and launched an investigation. As a result, BJP district council chairperson Mrs. Patel, her husband Ranjit Patel and MP Nitesh Gangadev’s wife Devgarh queen Arundhati Devi have been embroiled in controversy.

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