Govt is not showing the actual death data! There is no correlation between the number of Covid  deaths, and the actual death rate is much higher than the declared death rate!


Bhubaneswar: There has been controversy in Odisha over the death toll from corona. The state government has always claimed that the number of coronary deaths in Odisha is much lower than   other states. However, there is a lack of balance in the number of deaths that Corona is reporting every day. The fact that the actual death toll is much higher than the official death toll is slowly becoming clear from various cemeteries and death certificates. The number of cremations at the capital’s Satyanagar crematorium in the first wave of the corona between July and December last year seems to be quite embarrassing. The second wave of the coronation this year was even more deadly, with more and more cremations in the Covid Protocol between April and June. The state’s other cemeteries, including Satyanagar, are said to be in the throes of it .


The information obtained under the Right to Information Act completely reverses the state government’s corona death statistics. The first coronavirus infection in the state was detected in March last year. The first corona patient died on April 9. An average of two or Thre of the death bodies brought  to the capital’s Satyanagar Cemetery every day for funeral. A total of 84 people were cremated in January last year, including 75 in February, 77in March, 88 in April, 97in May and 74 in June. This means that    there were 495 cremations  . However, between July and December 2020, 3978 bodies were cremated at the cemetery after the coronary infection increased. This means that the average number of cremations per month is 663. At the time, the state was at the  pick of corona dieses. As a result, the Satyanagar cemetery was under heavy pressure. Even locals protested the cremation .




According to the data, between January and June last year, an average of 83 bodies a month came to the Satyanagar cemetery, while the average number of cremations between July and December reached 663 per month. It is clear that the number of corona deaths in the capital was high. As of December, a total of 1873 people had been reported dead in covid in the state.


According to the BMC’s Birth / Death Registration Office, 5498 death certificates were issued between January and September last year. This means that an average of 611 death certificates have been issued per month. The number will be even higher by December. According to the RTI data, 3246 people were dead in 7 other private hospitals, including BMC Hospital in the capital. However, according to a statement from the state government, a total of 3761 covid deaths  in the state last year,


The number of people infected in the state is significantly higher in April, May and June this year. The official death toll in April and May was 414. As of April, there were 1,921 deaths in the state. However, as of December last year alone, 348 covid patients had been cremated at Satyanagar Cemetery alone. In this regard  the  discrepancies between the Covid mortality rate and the RTI data shown by the state government indicate that the government does not showing the actual no of covid deaths .

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