Groom ran from the Marriage Place after seeing the Bride Whom he loved was another one

Bhubaneswar – Playing a free fire game has cost a young man. After seeing the photo of the beautiful girl, she fell in love and talked on the phone. The boy was blind to make this love a reality.He asked to marry her but some people asked him to take a decision wisely.  The villagers went to the temple to attend the marriage ceremony. When bride reached the place groom ran away after seeing her. She was different one than the boy loved the person after seeing the photo on one online dating app.


However, after the bride reached the local police station and lodged a complaint, the groom was forced to pay Rs 28,000 in compensation to the bride. An interesting incident took place in Mahagab village under Kamarda police station in Bhograi block of Baleshwar district in Odisha. After seeing photos on WhatsApp boy blindly loved the girl.


The young man vowed to marry her. When the girl was not seen in front, everything done one phone chatting and set the wedding date. Arrangements were made for the wedding at the Rajghat Santoshpur temple on Wednesday afternoon of July . The groom and bride arrived at the temple just in time and sat down on the mandap. At the time of the temple administration’s examination of the bride and groom’s age certificate, the 28-year-old son and bride found to be 39 years old

The bride, with the help of some local social workers, arrived at the Kamarda police station late at night and lodged a complaint. Police called the groom to the police station.  Then the groom paid 28thousands as compensation to bride

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