Jagannath Temple will be closed for Devotees till mid of June

Again, the virus hindered the bond between God and the devotee. The shrine will be closed to devotees until mid of June . Before it was till May 15, in view of the rising Covid infectionThis  decision was taken at a video conference chaired by Krishan Kumar, the temple’s chief administrator.

Today an urgent meeting was chaired by Dr Krishan_Kumar
,Chief Administrator,SJTA keeping in mind the upward trend of 2nd wave of #COVID19. Senior Sevayats of various Nijogs, samarth_verma Collector,Puri, Dr Kanwar Vishal Singh SPPuri & temple officials attended the meeting.

The grave challenge posed by #COVID19 was discussed in detail. All were of the unanimous view that necessary steps must be taken to ensure continuity of age-old traditions of Niti-Kanti ( rituals) of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannatha.

For the same, ensuring the health of Sevayats, who do daily Seva-puja of Mahaprabhu is of utmost importance. Further, rituals related to Ratha Yatra will begin from Akashya Tritiya day. (This year on 15th May).
Shree Jagannatha Temple Office, Puri


Any spread of COVID-19 amongst Sevayat Families will be detrimental to the observance of ensuing Festivals.

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