Kartik Yatra 2023: Spiritual Journey to Jagannath Puri Unites Thousands Worldwide

Bhubaneswar ; ISKCON Girgaon Chowpatty Temple concluded its annual Kartik Yatra led by H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaja, a spiritual pilgrimage that brought together devotees from diverse corners of the globe. This year, the revered Yatra was destined for the sacred land of Jagannath Puri, spanning from November 16th to 21st, 2023, with over 10,000 devotees participating in the same.

During this 5 day event, Gauranga Das Prabhu Ji and his team led a remarkable initiative that highlighted the spirit of selfless service and eco-consciousness through a mobile sustainable kitchen. With his unwavering dedication, he orchestrated the preparation of two daily meals, catering to 10,000 devotees, through this mega kitchen. This act not only nourished the attendees but also exemplified the ethos of sustainability and compassionate service.

Commenting on this, Gauranga Das Prabhu, Member of ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission, said, “Kartik Yatra serves as an incredible opportunity for devotees to immerse themselves in spirituality, away from the complexities of daily life, and this year’s journey to Jagannath Puri proved to be an exceptional convergence of faith, devotion, and service. We are grateful to have gotten the opportunity to serve various devoted attendees during this annual yatra in a sustainable and eco-conscious manner.”

Since its inception, this spiritual expedition has burgeoned significantly, witnessing an astounding surge from a modest assembly of twenty devotees in 1986 to an awe-inspiring congregation of over 12,000 fervent souls in 2023. This year’s Yatra brought together devotees hailing from India, the USA, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, and beyond, fostering a harmonious union of spiritual seekers.

The Kartik Yatra stands as a testament to the essence of devotion, offering an array of transformative experiences. Owing to this, the meticulously curated itinerary boasted visits to revered holy sites, enlightening Kathas, nourishing communal meals, and soul-stirring Kirtans. These experiences were meticulously designed to enrich and inspire the spiritual odyssey of each participant.



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