Married man attempting to marry another woman arrested by police


Newdelhi-  Married man attempting to marry another woman arrested by police after complain of his wife . This man had lived and married the first one . After he mentally and physically tortured his wife then loved another woman and trying to marry that one . This is the incident happened in Odisha .



According to sources, Latika Pata of Jayabudia village under Lakhanpur police station was physically and mentally abused by her husband Vidyadhar a year after her marriage. Shee further complained that he was planning a second marriage. Police are investigating this incident.  On the 13th of july the police went to Vidyadhar village in Debgarh district on hearing of Vidyadhar’s second marriage. The investigation revealed that Vidyadhar was getting married to a young woman from Kuchinda police station area on Wednesday. Lakhanpur police immediately informed the Kuchinda police after receiving the news. Kuchinda police arrived at the scene and picked up   Vidyadhar. The girl lost her mental balance and ate poison. The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital. Lakhanpur police have reportedly taken Vidyadhar to Lakhanpur.


According to reports, Vidyadhar and Latika had an affair. The couple got married in October 2017 at the Lapang Shiva temple. After the marriage, both lived in a rented house in Gandhinagar, Belpahar. Vidyadhar was working in a tent house business. In December 2020, Vidyadhar’s parents came and insulted Latika, threatened to kill her, and told her to leave. Vidyadhar later also physically and mentally abused him. Eventually threatened to leave the house. Then Vidyadhar left Latika and fled. When Latika went to the village, she did not find Vidyadhar there.   Latika went to  police station on hearing that Vidyadhar is planning to get married elsewhere.

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