Poisonous Snake common krait swallowed another poisonous snake    Russel’s Viper- rescused



Bhubaneswar/Jajpur: One poisonous common krait swallowed another poisonous snake    Russel’s Viper . A five-and-a-half-foot-tall common krait  snake has been rescued from San Kual Chaulia village in Dasarathpur block of Jajpur district in Odisha. A Russel’s Viper was also rescued from the snake’s mouth.


The villagers reported to Snake Helpline member Chittaranjan Panda that they saw a snake biting another snake    . Chittaranjan reached the spot and rescued the snake from the pond and left it in the nearby forest. The incident is now the talk of the town. This is because snakes usually eat insects. Snakes also eat frogs and other small creatures. But eating snakes is definitely a rare occurrence.


In the Dasarathapur block of Jajpur district, snakes are often preyed upon by humans. Yesterday, a mother   bitten by a snake while trying to save their son. Priyadarshini Raut, wife of Chinmay Raut of Barhata village in Dasarathpur block of Taliha panchayat, found  a poisonous snake near her baby son while she was busy with housework while laying down his one-and-a-half-year-old son. She tried to save her son,  suddenly grabbed the snake and threw it away. At this point the snake bit Priyadarshini’s right arm. She died on the way to Jajpur’s main hospital.

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