Prime Minister Modi writes new chapter of Indo-US friendship in White House ‘Visitors Book’

WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday signed the   Visitors’ Book ’at the White House’s‘ Roosevelt Room . Marking the spirit of friendship between the United States and India.

The Roosevelt Room  is a hall on the west side of the White House. The two U.S. presidents who contributed to the design of the side were Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D Roosevelt . The chamber is named after Roosevelt.

In a tweet, the Foreign Ministry spokesman tweeted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had  a visit to the House of Representatives on the White House  .


In addition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden recalled Mahatma Gandhi and his message of peace, non-violence, tolerance, respect and humanitarianism. “The world will celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s jubilee next week,” Biden told reporters at the White House’s Oval Office on the occasion of welcoming Prime Minister Modi. His message of non-violence, respect, tolerance that may seem relevant to everyone today may be relevant forever.

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