Riche Rich Selling Vegetables in Lockdown

Newdelhi  – The livelihoods of many people have been affected by Corona and Lockdown A man was driving a car worth Rs 27 lakh. Now he  is selling  vegetables and fruits on the streets. Such incidents have been reported in the Dharampur area in Chatishgar.

Narayan Sa  was   owner of a bakery and some shops.he had employed 10 people. He was using a car worth Rs 27 lakh. However, the Bakery business did not fare well in Lockdown. He fired the employee. He has started vegetable and fruit business to run his own house.

Now He   sells vegetables and fruits  on the streets parks the car nearby. He is happy to be so self-sufficient. “Even though he is selling friuts, he was very self-satisfied that he had no other way to support the family,

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