The High Court has directed the state government to take a decision within two months on the reopening of the school

Cuttack: A case has been filed in the High Court against the decision to close the school due to corona disease. The High Court heard the case . The High Court has given the state government two months time to decide how to open the school with covid guidelines The state government will inform the High Court of the decision to open schools in the state within two months.

Notably, Ranjita Mohapatra’s petition stated that while the government has ordered the closure of schools and colleges in the name of Covid, no one cares about the future of the students. The school has been closed for several years due to this. Due to the closure of the school, students have been unable to attend classes. The future of children is in the dark. In such a case, the petitioner pointed out that the school should be reopened within the time limit.

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