The liquor store does not comply with government regulation

The liquor store does not comply with government regulations. Although the state government has imposed restrictions on the opening of liquor stores in Lockdown, it has allowed bookings and parcels online. Bingharpur is a bazaar area but there is a strong crowd of liquor shops. Erals to essential goods are closing with 11 after 11 ” Crowds of people were seen in front of a foreign liquor store just 50 meters from the police station.

It is alleged that the front door of the liquor store was closed and the wine was sold through a tin gate on the side. Bingjharpur traders have complained that the government’s Kovidh rules open essential shops till 11 a.m. There are instructions to parcel the liquor store while all other shops are closed. Similarly, if it is 5 minutes late from closing the shop at 11 a.m., the police are raiding the shop and levying fines. There were clows actions in the next 10 of the liquor back from the front of the wine seventh. Asked about this, SI Konduri Charan Das said he would look into the matter.

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